This Web site displays the language and writing system of the Mártönérsi. The language is Mártölammë, meaning the "tongue of Mártö". The Mártönérsi founded Ïs'sena, their homeland. After many generations, Mártölammë developed into a distinct "tongue".

The tongue in this connotation means more of a dialect, since the language of men during the earliest days was the same language, but it became diverse in its usage. Imagine if you will the English language as a universal language, you will surely encounter many differences in intonation, stress, enunciation, rhythm, and many other factors. An exercise to exemplify what I mean would be to expand English usage in its diversity from regional and national differences, as one would find today in England and in the Americas, to a global scenario. That is what it was in the early times.

The Mártönérsi created a writing system, the Fehti, which developed separately from their cousins. The older writing systems were pictographic and/or ideographic systems that descended from the Aðamic writing system.

Æ Martinez